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Fitness Class Descriptions

All Dates and Times of Classes are Subject to Change


 Carla’s Bosu Cardio with Body Bar Strength and Core Conditioning - Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


Bosu Cardio is Ultimate Reactive Neuromuscular Training that gives you a high intensity total body workout that is fun to do, easy to follow and powerfully effective.  Using the body bar and the Bosu, you will tone and strengthen your muscles, improve balance, refine posture and increase cardiovascular performance.  


Carla's Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Monday and Wednesday 5:15-6:30pm

The term "yoga" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "union." Yoga combines physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and relieve stress. Look at the benefits of coming to Carla's Align and Flow Yoga:
Physical postures strengthen and tone muscles, and when performed in rapid succession, can provide cardiovascular conditioning. Meditation and deep breathing can reduce stress, thereby lowering blood pressure and inducing relaxation. Mind/body awareness can influence mood and self esteem to improve quality of life.

 Carla’s Core Conditioning - Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

 Tuesday  and Thursday 12:10-12:50pm 

The buzz word in the health and fitness industry is core strength.  Why?  because, the core is the origin of movement.  The torso serves as the body’s base, it’s pillar, from which all movement stems.  Integrating core stabilization training provides a foundation for the generation of power from the inside out.  Since the torso initiates, assists and stabilizes movement, training the muscles to prepare for the unpredictable is the key element for body control and directional changes in day-to-day life as well as in sport.





A total body conditioning consists of strength-focused exercises combining with cardiovascular workout.

It is a circuit type training with high volume (repetitions), low resistance (weight) workout with short rest intervals and is geared primarily at improving muscle tone and definition, while improving cardiovascular fitness. This workout involves exercising all major muscle groups (stations) in one continuous cycle, alternating between the different areas to allow for muscle recovery and to force your heart to work harder in pumping blood (and oxygen) to these constantly changing areas.




Tabata Express is the shorter and the newest version of Tabata Bootcamp. This form of training has been tested in clinical studies through a joint effort by two medical universities. The short duration workouts were shown to burn an average of 5x more calories AFTER their exercise is over. Additionally, short burst workouts and combination with 30 and 60 minute workouts were put through a single blinded randomized study demonstrating their effectiveness in providing weight loss and fitness. “HIGHER INSTENSITY. SHORTER




Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30-9:30

Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.




(Temporarily unavailable)

Intro to Zumba Fitness is designed for everyone who is just starting out in finding their desired body movement and coordination. It is half the pace of your regular Zumba class.

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop. 

Liza’s Spin Class - Certified Group Fitness Instructor

(in order to pre-sign up for class, you must pre pay :)

Tuesday & Thursday 6:20-7:15am

Tuesday 6:15pm-7pm: Liza's Beginner Spin

 Thursday 5pm-6pm: Liza's Spin/Core/Strength

Spin is an indoor cycling workout that takes you on a physical and mental challenge.  This fun 60-minute class will improve your fitness level through a simulated outdoor ride filled with intervals, hill climbs, sprints, endurance and recovery.  All levels are welcome.


Aileen’s Cardio Step - Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Cardio Step is cardiovascular training using an adjustable step platform by Reebok.  This 40-minute lunch time class will challenge your cardiovascular level while toning your muscles.  This step workout offers modifications and options to suit all levels.

Aileens’s  Glide – Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


Glide is a low impact workout fusing core conditioning with functional movement.  Glide delivers a challenging strength and cardio workout while improving balance and endurance with the use of gliding disks for resistance.  Expect to be pushed to reach new limits in this 40-minute lunch time class.



Melanie's " HOUR of POWER" Step and HIIT

Tuesday's & Thursday's 6:10pm-7:10pm

Mel's cardio step class involves a great all over body workout!  Using a step with your desired height (which can be adjusted to fitness level) and step combinatined with High Intensity Interval Training, which involves dumbell weights or body bars is an excellent way for getting that awesome tone to your body!